See the Journey, Feel the Journey, Continue the Journey

Celebration the African-American survival journey and commemorating those who have gone before...

The African    American QC:

A year-long period of commermoration marking 400 years of the African presence in America.  We seek to use this indisputable historical milestone as a rallying point to marshal the energy and focus of African-descended people across the Diaspora to intelligently confront the unique challenges facing us today and to usher in a new era of consciousness and activism.   Let us tell the indespenible role we play in the building of this country while fighting for our on sense of humanity and dignity. 

Let us take time to SEE the journey, FEEL the journey all while we continue the journey celebrating the African-American traditon of Resistance and Resilience. 


Raise Consciousness

" A sleeping people can not be organized. They must first be awakened."

                    Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman


Raising the awareness of our common history, common ancestry, and the common challenges increases the cultural and conscious adhesive that binds together as a people to act on our common interset.   






Honor Our Ancestors

"An Artist must be free to choose what he does, certianly,  but he must never be afraid to do what he must choose."

               Langston Hughes


Our existence today is a testimony of the determination and sacrifices of those that have gone on before us.  The must not be forgottern or underappreciated.  We should live our lives in a way that honors them. 






Educate Our Youth

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have with in you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world." 

                                          Harriet Tubman


The African-American tradition of resistance and resilience can be restore bonds connecting one generationt to the next by tell out story our way.  This gives our youth the intellectual means to live, exist and thrive in the hostile world around them. 



Claim Our Investment

" I am AMERICA. I am the part you won't recognize ... get us to me ... my name, not yours; my religion; not yours, my goals, my own ..."

                                           Muhammad Ali


Our Ancestors were building the foundation of America 157 years before these states were united and our contributions to this nation will no longer be marginalized.  Our ownership to the land we live in has to be expressed though our complete unity and participation in the polictical process ... it's a MANDATE for our survival. 


Community Spotlight: The Struggle Continues

There is opportunity within black communities. The untapped  intellectual, cultural, spiritrual and economic capacity of black communities is mind-numbing. WOA seeks to be the vehicle used to harnest those resources for the development of our youth as we forge our way to a better future.

1619-2019 African-American


A year-long period of commermoration marking 400 years of the African presence in America. 


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